So I decided in a moment of weakness to buy one of those LED cube HATs for Arduino on Aliexpress. Assembly was absolutely frustrating and quite an enjoyable experience i guess? Both the instructions and sample code were however complete trash.

Luckily Kevin from Kevin’s Blog made a couple of nice posts detailing how to build and code for the HAT. Kevins solution stores animations as a list of bytes with each bit addressing a single led in an eight byte frame. While these animations are possible to edit by hand, they’re hard to visualize and animating quicly turns into a slow process of educated guesses, trial and error. I decided to make a tool to ease this process.

LEDCubeAnimator is made in Unity3D. It lets the user view a representation of the cube and create and play animations of any length. Animations can be imported and exported in a directly copy/pasteable format.

Repository can be found here.
Releases for Windows Linux and OSX can be found on the releases page.

Still haven’t figured out what to use the cube for tho.