• ESP32-based room light

    Wifi controlled LED lighting using an ESP32 and 8 meters of WS2812 60-LED strip

  • Other small things i did during 2018

    A look at some things i was up to in 2018

  • Fluorescent lightsaber

    Powering a flourescent tube with a high voltage generator from an 18650 in a neat enclosure. Should most definitely not be used as an actual sword.

  • IV-6-Clock

    An alarm clock with quite an aesthetic using outdated display technology.

  • Adventures in low-budget tin casting for tradition breaking headgear

    Casting small tin badges for a student-hat with only hardware store and thrift shop wares.

  • So i just switched from using my own php-based solution for generating the blog to using Jekyll. I guess having to deal with old messy code and a quickly cobbed together webinterface is kinda silly for a simple blog. Anyways i’ll be adding some projects i’ve been doing in the last two years below and updating the site to be more responsive. Cheers.

  • Other small things i did during 2017

    A collection of other small things i did during 2017

  • Face