I made a vaporwave-esque scene in Blender and then put it on a Pentium II era computer i bought.

Might make a proper post about it sometime later…

I had a weird Twitter conversation Which resulted in this thing:

I wrote a Battleship game in Java for a school project and called it Shipwreck. The game can be easily configured for different board sizes ship count/size and player types. It comes with an AI player that (imo) quite intelligently calculates the probability of a ship on each field from tested fields and the count and length of ships on its own board. Spent quite a lot of time making that work, but its hard to win against now.
I also a very mediocre video trying to explain the project (project requirement):

I made an Android app for Octopub and put it on Google Play.
Slightly old screenshot of the app

I did a planar track of a wall in After Effects and animated some shapes in the air in front of it. Also did som audio for the animation but turned it down too much.

I made a couple of mashups. I am not proud.

I made an edit of a scene from Psycho with a friend to poke fun at American media.

I made a dumb shitpost. Don’t watch it. Not worth it.

I made two preview videos of Vulfpeck albums i bought. Good funk band, have a listen.

Oh and i grew older still.

Also, here are some audioshots from the year:

R E S U L T.mp3



Build 01.mp3

Dans, Imens musikken spiller.mp3